WLDS NEWS: Davidsmeyer re-files Taxpayer Fiscal Charter to reform state budget process

By Blake Schnitker

January 10, 2018


A local State Representative is re-filing a charter containing potential reforms to the state’s budget process.

Jacksonville-based State Representative C.D. Davidsmeyer is re-filing his “Taxpayer’s Fiscal Charter” this year. The Taxpayer’s Fiscal Charter looks to provide power to Illinois’ taxpayers, limit lawmakers’ ability to establish new entitlement programs without efficient funding, and aims to solidify the state’s pension system for the future.

Davidsmeyer explains what the Taxpayer’s Fiscal Charter contains, and what it hopes to achieve.

“The goal of the Taxpayer’s Fiscal Charter is to find common ground between the two parties, and I think there’s one that thing we all can agree on throughout the state and that’s that the state is broke right now. We don’t have enough money to cover what we’re trying to do, so we have to start simple. Step one, a two-year guaranteed freeze on all discretionary spending, and that will be followed by a continued freeze until we’re within a 30-day payment cycle for all of our bills. So until we’re within that 30-day payment cycle, there will continue to be a freeze,” says Davidsmeyer.

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