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Our brightest spot for a better future is with our children and our grandchildren, which is why we need to reform education spending, decrease unfunded mandates, and allow our teachers to do what is in their hearts to do… Prepare our children for a better future!

Budget & Pensions

In Springfield, there is very little sense of urgency, despite over $7 billion in unpaid bills and a pension liability of well over $100 billion. The pension concerns are great, but we can’t let that distract us from the real problem: Springfield is addicted to spending!

The people running the show each have 35+ years in state government and still have no clue how to fix the problem. We NEED new leaders with new ideas. We MUST reform programs to allow them to run efficiently, saving dollars, while continuing to provide needed services. We HAVE TO increase communication between departments to limit duplication of duties.

Most of all, we need to create a new budget! The majority in Springfield continues to tweak a budget that hasn’t worked for over a decade, expecting it to one day magically fix itself. We need to get rid of the pet projects and get back to the services for which government was created.

Entitlement Reform

I want to ensure that those who have the least are not forgotten and do not fall through the bureaucratic cracks of government.

In order to do this, we must rid our entitlement systems of the fraud and abuse that has created addiction to large government.

In the first session, I joined many of my colleagues asking that we do simple things like putting pictures on LINK cards and making sure that those receiving benefits are not in prison and do not have active warrants out for their arrest. Because of the overwhelming power of the Speaker, these bills have yet to see the light of day for any discussion, debate, or vote.

In order to preserve the safety net, we have to make sure that those who are in need are the only ones benefiting from these programs. We also must work to provide employment opportunities…


The State of Illinois has done an extremely poor job managing our jobs climate. On a weekly basis, in the spring of 2013, the majority party in the Illinois House passed bills making it harder to create jobs in our state. To this, I ask…

What is the best road to prosperity for all?


Let’s face it, we can spend as much money on “job training” as we want, but if there aren’t any jobs to go to once we are trained, we haven’t accomplished anything. A better jobs climate will lead to more opportunities for those who are training for a better future.

Having a job is the best way to reform our entitlements, earn self-respect, show personal responsibility, and contribute to society in a very meaningful way.

Government does not create jobs, but they sure know how to get in the way of job creation!


Anytime you hear the term “ethics reform” in Springfield, you need to watch for the power-grab.

The last “ethics reform” that was passed only served to consolidate the political power into the hands of those at the top. Unfortunately, those who are writing these bills also know the many loopholes and how to get around them.

We need a system that takes power away from those individuals at the top of the political kingdom and puts that power in the hands of the citizens who elect each of us.

True ethics reform will only occur when those in power give up some of that power in order to benefit the greater good.

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